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A BIG surprise in a tiny size!

In the world of delightful surprises, Scentsy has done it again with their newest additions - the Scentsy Baby Buddies! Standing at just 10 inches tall, these plush pals are the epitome of charm and cuteness, proving once more that the best things come in small packages.

Launching on December 1, these pint-sized companions will be making their debut on the Scentsy Buddy page of my website. Brace yourself for an overload of cuteness as each Baby Buddy comes bundled with a Scent Pak of your choice, adding a touch of fragrance to their irresistible charm.

Let's meet the lineup of these compact and adorable Baby Buddies:

  1. Hamish the Highland Cow Scentsy Baby Buddy - Priced at $27

  • With a heartwarming presence and fuzzy exterior, Hamish is here to steal your heart. This Highland Cow brings a touch of the countryside to your cozy spaces.

  1. Scout the Dragon Scentsy Baby Buddy - Priced at $27

  • Unleash the magic with Scout, the Dragon Baby Buddy. With wings and a tail ready for adventure, Scout adds a fantastical flair to your Scentsy collection.

  1. Stella the Unicorn Scentsy Baby Buddy - Priced at $27

  • Enter the realm of enchantment with Stella, the Unicorn Baby Buddy. This mythical companion is not just a plush pal; it's a sprinkle of magic and elegance.

As the holiday season approaches, these Baby Buddies make for perfect gifts or delightful additions to your own collection. Whether you're a Scentsy enthusiast or just someone who appreciates adorable companions, these small wonders are sure to bring joy and warmth.

Don't miss out on the chance to embrace the cuteness overload that Scentsy's Baby Buddies promise. Mark your calendar for December 1st, and get ready to welcome these charming pals into your world!

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