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Celebrate 30 Years of Spooky Magic with The Nightmare Before Christmas Limited-Edition Bundle!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

For three decades, Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The timeless tale of Jack Skellington, Sally, and their hauntingly whimsical adventures has become a beloved classic. As we mark this remarkable 30th anniversary, there's no better way to celebrate than with a special limited-edition Scentsy bundle that's bound to enchant fans old and new. Brace yourselves, because there is only 18,000 ever going to be made, so dont delay!

The Bundle: A Collector's Dream or Nightmare: The limited-edition bundle features two spine-tingling treats for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas. First up is a special-edition Scentsy Brick, filled with the intoxicating fragrance of "Jack's Obsession." This scent captures the essence of Jack Skellington's curious and adventurous spirit, a blend of scents that's bound to fill your space with enchantment.

And that's not all. The bundle also includes the new Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: 30th Anniversary – Scentsy Warmer. This one-of-a-kind warmer is a collector's dream come true. Each warmer is uniquely numbered, adding a touch of exclusivity to this extraordinary piece. But don't let the term 'dream' fool you; this hand-painted masterpiece could just as easily be a "wonderful nightmare" thanks to its intricate design that pays homage to Jack Skellington and Sally's enduring love story. The 30th anniversary logo is prominently featured in the wax dish, serving as a constant reminder of this momentous occasion. This Scentsy Warmer is more than just a home decor piece; it's a piece of cinematic history that brings The Nightmare Before Christmas right into your living space.

Exclusivity Matters: It's worth noting that these special-edition products are only available as part of the bundle and will not be sold separately. This means that to own a piece of this enchanting history, you'll want to snag the bundle before it disappears into the darkness. Hurry, because there are only 18,000 of these bundles available, and they won't last much longer!

Collector's Delight: Scentsy Club Subscriptions: If you're a Scentsy Club member, you're in for an extra treat! Scentsy Bars added to Scentsy Club subscriptions will feature four collectible labels, each shipped at random. This means that not only will you have a chance to enjoy the captivating fragrances of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but you'll also have the opportunity to enhance your collection with even more exclusive labels.

A Little Assembly Required: Before you embark on your journey with your Scentsy Warmer, take note that some assembly is required. Make sure to carefully read the instructions included in the packaging to ensure you assemble your collector's piece correctly. And remember, be cautious not to discard the metal flowers that come with the packaging. These little details are part of the charm and uniqueness of your special-edition Scentsy Warmer.

For fans of Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, the 30th-anniversary celebration couldn't get any more special than with this limited-edition Scentsy bundle. With the intoxicating fragrance of "Jack's Obsession" and the collector's dream of a Scentsy Warmer, this is a must-have for fans of all ages. Celebrate three decades of enchanting storytelling, quirky characters, and enduring love with this Scentsy bundle that captures the essence of the film beautifully. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this cinematic history, and get ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful nightmare of The Nightmare Before Christmas. But act fast, as there are only 18,000 bundles available, and they won't be around much longer!


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