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Domingo the Donkey: Your Fiesta Bestie is Here to Spice Up Your Life!

¡Hola, party enthusiasts! Get ready to spice up your days and turn every moment into a fiesta with our latest sensation – Domingo the Donkey! From sunup to sundown, this festive amigo is here to add a dash of fun to your life, making every day feel like a celebration.

Meet Domingo: The Maestra de Fiesta!

Domingo isn't your average donkey; he's the Maestra de fiesta (Party Master) you never knew you needed! Bursting with energy and a love for celebration, Domingo brings the party wherever he goes. Get ready for laughter, music, and endless good vibes because Domingo is about to become your ultimate fiesta companion!

Your Ticket to Fiesta Bliss for Just $35

Say adiós to dull moments with Domingo by your side, available for just $35. And that's not all – when you bring Domingo home, he comes with a Scent Pak of your choice, adding an extra layer of fiesta flair to your space. It's a steal of a deal for a party partner that'll make every day feel like a carnival!

Limited Edition Fiesta Alert: Grab Yours Before They Salsa Away!

Domingo is set to make his grand entrance at the fiesta starting 1:01 a.m. PT on Feb. 1. But here's the scoop – he's as exclusive as a VIP backstage pass, and once the party starts, he'll only be available while supplies last. Don't miss out on the chance to bring the fiesta to your doorstep – act fast and secure your spot on the guest list!

Why Choose Domingo for Your Fiesta?

  1. Dance Floor-Ready: Domingo's got the moves! Get ready to dance, laugh, and make memories as you let loose with your new dance partner.

  2. Fiesta Anytime: Whether it's breakfast tacos or an afternoon siesta, Domingo knows how to turn any moment into a full-blown fiesta. Get ready to live life with a sprinkle of confetti!

  3. Budget-Friendly Fiesta: For just $35, you're investing in a fiesta experience that won't break the piñata. Bring home the joy without emptying your wallet!

How to Snag Your Fiesta Buddy

Getting your hands on Domingo is easier than mastering the salsa! Mark your calendar for Feb. 1, and head to my website to secure your fiesta buddy. Or message me prior to launch to pre order yours! Don't let this limited edition fiesta sensation slip through your fingers – be there or be square!


Get ready to unleash the fiesta with Domingo the Donkey! Spice up your life, add a pinch of joy to your routine, and make every day a celebration. Don your party hats, grab your maracas, and get set for the ultimate fiesta – Domingo is on his way to turn your world into a dance floor of happiness! 🎉🐴💃

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