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Don't Ghost These Savings: Spooktacular Scentsy Flash Sale!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

🦇🎃 **Spooky Scentsy Flash Sale: Something Wicked This Way Comes!** 🎃🦇

Prepare for a spine-tingling event, my friends, because Scentsy's got a Flash Sale that'll send chills down your spine! Happening this Friday, **10/20 at 12 pm CST**, and lasting till **Tuesday, 10/24**, it's only the beginning. There's more eeriness to come from **Friday, 10/27 at 12 pm CST to Tuesday, 10/31**, but watch out – it's while supplies last.

And the best part? You can enjoy SPOOKY savings of up to **80% off**! 🎃👻

Here's your Scents Makes Scents ghoulish guide to surviving this haunted sale:

**1. Set a Witching Hour Reminder:** Don't risk being caught off guard. Set a reminder for the start time in your local timezone. If you’re unsure when the sale starts for your time zone contact me ASAP and I’ll get you the correct time!

**2. Join the Ghostly Queue:** Arrive at the website just before 12 pm CST, and get in line. When it's your turn, resist the urge to refresh or risk encountering some ghostly glitches.

**3. Be Patient as a Poltergeist:** When your turn arrives, you'll be notified. Don't rush it; ghosts prefer patience.

**4. Haunt the Specials Tab:** Navigate to the Specials tab in the menu if your not led to the eerie Flash Sale section right away.

**5. Shop Like a Specter:** Time is of the essence. Items vanish faster than a ghost in the night.

**6. Say "Yes" to the Spirit Party:** If you're asked to attach your order to a party, don't be shy; say yes and pick the "Flash Sale Party."

**7. Beware of the Phantom Checkout:** Have your payment card ready because items will disappear into the netherworld without a trace.

Once your order is complete, revel in the spectral satisfaction of your spooky savings. 😁

But beware, this sale, meant to last 48 hours, has a habit of vanishing like a ghostly apparition, often without notice.

Remember, haunted deliveries may take up to **21 days** to arrive, but the savings will make it worth the wait. And yes, there's a delivery fee, but the savings are worth any spectral toll.

Keep in mind, no pre-orders are allowed, so direct your broomstick, I mean, your browser, to my website. Let's make this Spooky Scentsy Flash Sale an event to remember! 🖤🕷️🦇

Get ready for a ghostly shopping spree, and may your savings be as chilling as the autumn night, full of mysteries and magic. 🍂🌕🎃


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