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Enchanting Wishes: Disney's Wish Animated Film Sparks Magic in Every Home!

Hey Disney Enthusiasts!

Excitement is in the air as Disney's newest animated film, "Wish," is set to premiere on November 22nd. To coincide with this enchanting event, Disney is launching the all-new Disney Wish Collection. Join me as we explore this magical ensemble inspired by the film and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of wishes.

Disney Wish Collection:

Embark on a magical journey with the Disney Wish Collection – a whimsical ensemble launching just in time for the premiere of the animated film on November 22nd.

  1. Disney Wish: Valentino – Scentsy Buddy + Magic in Every Wish – Scent Pak Price: $40

    • Meet Valentino, the playful pet goat, and bring the movie magic home with this delightful Scentsy Buddy, complete with the enchanting Magic in Every Wish fragrance.

  1. Disney Wish: Star – Scentsy Buddy Clip Price: $20

    • Carry a piece of the enchantment with you wherever you go with the Disney Wish: Star – Scentsy Buddy Clip. Scented in the alluring Magic in Every Wish fragrance, this accessory is a must-have for any Disney fan.

  1. Magic in Every Wish – Scent Pak Price: $7.50

    • Transform your space with the captivating aroma inspired by the Wish film. The Magic in Every Wish – Scent Pak is a delightful addition to your collection.

  1. Magic in Every Wish – Scentsy Bar Price: $6.50

    • Immerse your surroundings in the captivating fragrance of sparkling lemon, twinkling lime, and sweet vanilla sugar with the Magic in Every Wish – Scentsy Bar.

The Fragrance: Magic in Every Wish

Transport yourself to the magical realms depicted in the Disney Wish film with the captivating fragrance, Magic in Every Wish. This enchanting blend features sparkling lemon, twinkling lime, and sweet vanilla sugar.

About the Movie: "Wish"

Launching alongside the Disney Wish Collection, the animated film "Wish" takes us on a mesmerizing journey into the captivating power of wishes. As we follow the tale of the characters, the movie promises to deliver a heartwarming and magical experience, weaving a story that will leave audiences of all ages enchanted and inspired.

As we eagerly await the premiere of Disney's "Wish" on November 22nd, the Disney Wish Collection provides the perfect opportunity to bring a piece of the magic home. Don't miss out on these enchanting items – your ticket to adding a touch of the "Wish" magic to your life!

Ready to unlock the magic? Your Disney Wish Collection awaits!


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