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Get Ready to Snag Some Freebies with Scentsy's December Deals!

Hey scent-sational peeps! December just got a whole lot better, thanks to Scentsy's gotta-have-it diffuser and oil bundles. Starting December 1st, if you nab a Deluxe Diffuser, Premium Diffuser, or a diffuser shade, you're in for a treat – free mystery Scentsy Oils!

Head over to your website on Dec 1 and check out these amazing bundles:

1. Premium Diffuser Bonanza:

- Grab a Premium Diffuser and score two 15 mL oils + ten 5 mL oils for free! Yup, you heard that right – freebies galore!

2. Premium Diffuser Shade Vibes:

- Snag a Premium Diffuser shade and pocket one 15 mL oil on the house.

3. Deluxe Diffuser Party:

- Dive into a Deluxe Diffuser and get gifted one 15 mL oil + ten 5 mL oils. Now, that's a party favor!

Quick heads up – Scentsy's playing secret Santa by picking the fragrances for you. So, get ready for a surprise when you add a diffuser or shade to your cart – the oils pop in automatically!

The 15 mL oils in this holiday bundle are straight from Scentsy's treasure trove, offering a whiff of awesomeness. Check out these vibes:

1. Clear Natural Oil Blend: Pure nature vibes for that fresh feel.

2. Dash Essential Oil Blend: Kick your senses into gear with this invigorating blend.

3. Kick Essential Oil Blend: Turn up the energy with the lively notes of Kick.

4. Rest Essential Oil Blend: Time to unwind with the chill vibes of Rest.

So, don't sleep on this! Let Scentsy jazz up your holiday mood and treat yourself or your buds to some aromatic bliss. Whether you're a Scentsy pro or a newbie, these deals are here to sprinkle joy and cheer throughout December. Hurry up – it's time to make your space smell like a holiday dream! 🌲✨

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