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Love in the Air with Scentsy's New Enchanting Valentine’s Day Collection

As the New Year unfolds, love is already starting to fill the air, and Scentsy is ready to make this Valentine's Day truly magical with its upcoming Valentine’s Day Collection! From adorable presents for kids and besties to fragrant twists on classic gifts, Scentsy fans can celebrate love in all its forms. The collection is set to launch on January 8, bringing an array of delightful products that cater to every loved one.

Let's take a sneak peek at the exquisite offerings in this year's Valentine’s Day Collection and explore the purchasing options.

  1. Adore-a-saurus Scentsy Buddy - $35

  • This adorable buddy is the perfect companion for kids and those young at heart. With its charming design and irresistible fragrance, it's a gift that symbolizes love and affection.

  1. Cherry Picked Mini Warmer - $25

  • The Cherry Picked Mini Warmer adds a touch of sweetness to your space. Its warm glow and delightful fragrance make it a heartwarming gift for your special someone.

  1. Heart Scentsy Charm Clip + Simply the Zest fragrance - $18

  • Carry love with you wherever you go with the Heart Scentsy Charm Clip. Paired with the invigorating Simply the Zest fragrance, it's a beautiful accessory that radiates positivity.

  1. Individual Valentine’s Day Collection Scentsy Pod Twin Packs - $10

  • Available in Pear-fectly Cute and Simply the Zest fragrances, these Scentsy Pod Twin Packs offer a burst of delightful scents. Perfect for spreading love in any room.

  1. Pear-fectly Cute – Buttercup Belle Fragrance Flower Bouquet - $35

  • Elevate your floral game with the Pear-fectly Cute Fragrance Flower Bouquet. A combination of golden pear, whipped vanilla, and apricot blossom creates a heavenly aroma.

  1. Rose Gold Mini Fan Diffuser + Pear-fectly Cute Scentsy Pod Twin Pack Bundle - $20

  • Indulge in luxury with the Rose Gold Mini Fan Diffuser. This bundle, including the Pear-fectly Cute Scentsy Pod Twin Pack, is a stylish and aromatic addition to your space.

  1. Rose Gold Mini Fan Diffuser + Simply the Zest Scentsy Pod Twin Pack Bundle - $20

  • For those who love a tropical twist, the Rose Gold Mini Fan Diffuser with the Simply the Zest Scentsy Pod Twin Pack is the perfect choice. Experience a refreshing burst of fragrance in style.

  1. Simply the Zest – Dahlia Darling Fragrance Flower - $16

  • The Simply the Zest Fragrance Flower is a chic and uplifting addition to any space, combining notes of sandalwood and lush greens with bright tropical fruits.

This Valentine’s Day, embrace the spirit of love with Scentsy’s enchanting collection. Each product is carefully crafted to bring joy and warmth to your celebrations. Mark your calendars for January 8 and get ready to make this Valentine's Day memorable with Scentsy!

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