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Meet the Winners of Bring Back My Buddy 2023: Bailey, Farah, and Serena!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

After months of anticipation and a staggering 302,755 votes in February, the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived! We are thrilled to announce that this year's Bring Back My Buddy winners are none other than Bailey the Bunny, Farah the Flamingo, and Serena the Sleepy Bear.

Get ready to welcome these adorable companions into your life as they become available for purchase starting at 12 p.m. CST on October 30th, priced at just $35 each. But remember, these snuggly friends will be available only while supplies last, so mark your calendars and set your alarms!

The appeal of these Buddies extends beyond just the plush companions themselves. Bailey, Farah, and Serena make the perfect gifts for anyone with small children or grandchildren. Their soft, huggable nature and charming personalities ensure that they're not just toys but lifelong friends. So, seize this opportunity to connect with your friends and family and let them know about these heartwarming additions to our lineup.

As the release date approaches, it's time to spread the word about Bailey the Bunny, Farah the Flamingo, and Serena the Sleepy Bear. These charming companions are about to become your go-to gift options and a cherished part of your collection. So, set your alarms for 12 p.m. CST on October 30th, and be ready to welcome these lovable characters into your life. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to bring joy and warmth to your loved ones and add these new characters to your Buddy family!


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