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"Scentsy's Farewell Fiesta: Grab Your Scented Souvenirs Before They Bid Adieu!" 🌬️🎉

👋 Scentsy fans! 🎉 Big news as we bid farewell to some favorites. If you're local to Darien, WI, jump on the hassle-free train – we're doing a bulk order!

Swing by my place to pick up your Scentsy goodies.

Here's what's waving goodbye:

Frosted Cinnamon Roll

Wicked Cute warmer

Bring Back My Buddy winners: Bailey the Bunny, Farah the Flamingo, Serena the Sleepy Bear

Bring Back My Washer Whiffs winners:Coconut Cotton Washer Whiffs Twin Pack, Ocean Washer Whiffs Twin Pack, Shimmer Washer Whiffs Twin Pack

December Curated Bundles

Disney 100th Anniversary celebration products

Disney Dumbo Collection

Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: 30th Anniversary Bundle

Disney Villains Collection

2023 Harvest Collection

2023 Holiday Collection

Holiday Bricks Collection

Holiday Favorites Collection

Holly the Hippopotamus Scentsy Buddy

Marvel Collection

Scents of the Season Wax Collection

Scent-Spirations Collection: Christmas Cottage - Holiday Edition

Star Wars™ and The Mandalorian™ Collections.

For those beyond our local vibe, no worries! Hop online, order your scentsational picks, and let them come straight to your door. Easy peasy, right?

Whether it's a porch pickup or a doorstep delivery, let's start the New Year with the sweet scent of success! 🕰️✨

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