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Wish Upon a Scent: The Enchanting Return of the Disney Wish Collection!

🎉✨ Guess what, Disney fans?! Prepare to have your wishes granted because we've got some MAJOR news! ✨🎉

It's time to break out the confetti and sprinkle some pixie dust because we're bringing back our Disney Wish Collection straight out of the enchanted vault! 🏰💫 Yes, you read that right! Your favorite Disney-inspired goodies are back and better than ever! ✨

If you missed out on grabbing these magical treasures the first time around, fret not, because here's your golden opportunity to make up for lost time! But hey, let me tell you, this is no time for dilly-dallying! These treasures are flying off the shelves faster than Aladdin on his magic carpet ride! 🧞‍♂️💨

So, what are we conjuring up for you this time? Brace yourselves, Disney aficionados, because it's about to get seriously enchanting! ✨

First up on our wish list is the Disney Wish: Valentino – Scentsy Buddy + Magic in Every Wish – Scent Pak for just $40! 🐭❤️ This cuddly buddy is infused with the sweet aroma of Magic in Every Wish, ready to accompany you on all your magical adventures! ✨

But wait, there's more magic to be had with our Disney Wish: Star – Scentsy Buddy Clip scented in the same enchanting fragrance, available for only $20! 🌟✨ Perfect for adding a touch of Disney charm to your backpack, purse, or even your car mirror! 🚗💨

And don't even get me started on the spellbinding Magic in Every Wish – Scent Pak for just $8! 🎈🎉 Pop it into your favorite Scentsy Buddy or Scentsy Go and let the enchantment unfold wherever you go! ✨

But hey, why stop there when you can infuse your entire space with the irresistible scent of Magic in Every Wish? 🍋🍬 Introducing the Magic in Every Wish – Scentsy Bar for just $7! 🌈✨ Let the sparkling lemon, twinkling lime, and sweet vanilla sugar transport you straight to the heart of the Disney magic! 🏰💖

So, what are you waiting for? Your happily ever after awaits, but you better act fast! These treasures are disappearing quicker than Cinderella at midnight! 🕛✨ Don't miss your chance to snag a piece of the Disney magic before it's gone! 💫🛍️

Remember, with every sniff, every cuddle, and every moment, there's Magic in Every Wish! 🌟💖 So, go ahead, make your wishes come true and let the enchantment begin! ✨🏰

Contact me to Preorder or Grab yours here on April 8 @ Noon CST

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